Video Shows An Ambulance Being Forced To Give Way To A VIP Convoy With Police Escort In KL

The incident happened on Wednesday morning.

Cover image via China Press

In an incident that happened on Wednesday morning, 4 December, an ambulance with its sirens on was forced to give way to a police escort

According to a report in China Press, the incident took place during rush hour where the ambulance was captured in a video blaring its sirens as it tried to make its way through the traffic.

As the other vehicles moved aside to let the ambulance pass, a police escort with two outriders could be seen overtaking the ambulance

The outriders' action forced the ambulance driver to give way to a black SUV that was part of what appeared to be a VIP convoy of three black SUVs.

It was only after that the convoy had passed that the ambulance was seen moving ahead.

While it's not clear as to where exactly in Kuala Lumpur the incident took place, the video has since been viewed over 53,000 times

Watch the full video below:


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