Video Shows Doctor Plucking Out A Live Blood-Sucking Leech Out Of A Man's Nose

The 4-inch long wiggly, slimy leech was inside the man's nostril for almost two weeks.

Cover image via Shanghaiist/YouTube

Imagine having something 'foreign' living inside your nasal cavity, constantly sucking blood, causing you pain for more than 10 days!

Because that's what a 51-year-old man in South China had been enduring before he finally decided to go to the hospital in Beihai, Guangxi, Shanghaiist reported.

He was unaware of the fact that a blood-sucking leech had been living in his nose.

According to a report in Shanghaiist, the man's wife had claimed to have seen something 'peeking' out of his nostril before it disappeared back up in his nose.

At the hospital, the doctor could confirm that there was indeed a giant, LIVE leech lodged up the nasal passage by simply glancing up the man's right nostril.

Image via Daily Mail

The over 10 centimetres long leech had attached itself to the inside of man's right nostril, sucking his blood, causing him nosebleeds

So after discerning what was inside the man's nose, the doctor begins his procedure to remove the slimy creature, using forceps to widen the nostril and reaching in with tweezers, plucking out at least a 4 inches long LIVE leech.

However, the good doctor had made sure, before beginning his procedure, to have the camera rolling so that the entire event could be recorded.

The stomach-churning video is nothing sort of horrifying, as the large creature wriggles in front of the man's face, whose expression says it all.

Image via Shanghaiist

We wouldn't recommend watching the video, but if you are someone who drives masochistic delight from such stuff, go ahead:

Wondering how did the leech get inside the man's nose?

According to the man, he believed the leech had crawled inside his nose when he was drinking fresh mountain spring water while he was working in rural Yunnan province.

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