Video Shows Guy Ramming His Bike Into His GF After An Argument In Bangsar South

He also attacked the girl by repeatedly kicking her.

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Late Friday night, 22 March, a video posted on Twitter showed a couple on a motorbike, arguing

The argument soon turns violent as the guy rams his bike into the girl, who was sitting on the pavement, crying. He then starts punching and kicking her, mercilessly.

A series of screenshots from the video, showing the man intentionally running over the woman.

Image via minaazaini/twitter

According to Khalil Jamian, who originally recorded the incident and shared it on his Instagram Stories, the incident occurred outside his condominium in Bangsar South

While speaking to mStar, about the incident, Khalil explained that at the time of the incident, which happened at around 9pm on Friday night, he had just showered when he heard a noise from downstairs that sounded like people were fighting.

He didn't think much of it at first, but a few minutes later when he heard the woman crying, he recorded the incident on his Instagram Story.

During which, the man leaves the woman but comes back a minute later and runs over her with his bike. He then gets down and starts attacking the woman, he told mStar.

The man is seen assaulting the woman after ramming his bike into her.

Image via Khalil Jamian

The video, which has gone viral with over 44K RTs at the time of publication, shows the woman leaving with the man

You can watch the entire incident as recorded by Khalil on his Instagram Stories, which was then made into a video by his friend and uploaded on Twitter.

Following the incident, Khalil who recorded it has received criticism from netizens who asked why didn't he go down

Khalil, who could be heard yelling and shouting at the man to stop, responded to the criticism via his Instagram Story, where he explained that the incident was over in less than a couple of minutes, which was not enough for him to reach the spot.

Image via Khalil Jamian

Khalil has since lodged a police report over the incident

Image via Khalil Jamian

He has also taken to Twitter to speak more about it

After informing netizens that he has made a police report about the incident, Khalil tweeted to show his appreciation for those were supportive of him.

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