[VIDEO] Singaporean Man Plays Recorder In Front Of Police After Getting Into A Fight

He was fighting another man who held a potted plant.

Cover image via The Online Citizen

A Singaporean man was filmed performing in front of the police with a recorder yesterday, 29 April

The 'performance'.

Image via The Online Citizen

China Press reported that the incident occurred at around 2am outside a coffee shop near Hougang Ci Yuan Community Club in Singapore. 

The peculiar video has garnered nearly 14,000 retweets at the time of writing. 

In a series of Instagram Stories uploaded by "lucasohhh", the recorder-wielding man had fought another man prior to his 'performance'

The other man was attempting to throw a potted plant at him while they continued yelling at each other. 

The duo can be seen swinging their 'weapons' in the other person's direction for some time.

Image via Mothership

A witness told China Press that the men started arguing with each other but did not seem to understand what the other person was saying.

"The recorder-wielding man started pushing the other one first, causing the latter to fall on a potted plant. Then the potted plant was lifted and waved in his face," the witness said. 

Following the arrival of local police, the man started performing in front of them with his recorder

The man, believed to be intoxicated, was holding on to a liquor bottle while playing his recorder in front of police officers.

Five police cars had arrived at the scene of the 'performance'.

Image via Mothership

"Lucasohhh" wrote in his Instagram Stories that the man was eventually arrested after being tackled by police officers.

The video of the incident can be viewed here:

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