Video Shows Students' Phones Being Smashed In An Indonesian Boarding School

The incident reportedly occurred in an Islamic boarding school in West Java.

Cover image via 1CAK/Twitter

A video of students' phones being smashed in an Indonesian boarding school recently went viral

Image via 1CAK/Twitter

According to Indonesian media Okezone, the incident occurred in an Islamic boarding school in Banten, West Java. 

It is estimated that nearly 30 phones were involved in the destruction. 

Two men in the video, believed to be teachers, smashed dozens of phones with hammers during a school assembly

Image via 1CAK/Twitter

Tribun Medan reported that some of the phones suffered broken screens, while others were broken into pieces by the hammers. 

Students who were watching the incident were heard exclaiming in the background. 

The school reportedly has harsh regulations against students who are caught bringing their handphones to class

According to Okezone, the Al-Hasanah Darunnajah 9 Islamic boarding school previously announced that students caught with handphones will have them confiscated and destroyed in front of the entire school. 

Moreover, the student found guilty will be moved to another school temporarily to ensure the effectiveness of the disciplinary action. 

You can watch the incident here:

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