Video Shows VIP Escort Trying To Stop Traffic & Resulting In Accident Involving 2 Cars

The VIP convoy of over half a dozen vehicles is seen passing through the accident scene.

Cover image via Sinar Harian

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A short video clip has gone viral across social media platforms

In the 45-second clip, a police outrider's superbike is seen parked in the middle of the road to block motorists in order to give way to a very important person's (VIP) convoy.

The clip, which appears to have been shot from a mobile phone by a car driver, also shows another police outrider slowly riding his superbike and entering the blocked road to lead the VIP convoy.

However, with the traffic on the other side of the blocked road still moving, the officer of the parked superbike walks towards there to signal using his hand to the incoming motorists to stop.

Seeing the officer's hand signal, a maroon Proton Wira suddenly brakes. This results in a white Perodua Kelisa hitting the Wira from behind. The impact pushes the Wira further ahead on the road.

Both the Wira's bumper and the Kelisa's bonnet were damaged

The clip then pans to show the VIP convoy of over half a dozen vehicles passing through the accident scene followed by an outrider

The VIP convoy appeared to not notice the accident and the damaged cars.

The clip ends with the traffic on the blocked road moving once it's been cleared by the VIP escort with the traffic on the other side of the ride coming to a standstill due to the accident.

While the 45-second clip has been circulating online since yesterday, Sinar Harian posted it earlier today, 5 February, on its Facebook page

According to Sinar Harian, the incident is said to have taken place in Kuching, Sarawak.

No further details such as the date of the accident and injuries, if any, are available at this point.

Footage of the incident can be found below:

Prior to this, the Prime Minister's entourage was given priority to cross a junction even though an ambulance with its siren on is at the scene: