[VIDEO] Jaywalking Woman Who Was On Her Phone Gets Hit By A Taxi In Singapore

The incident happened on Lavender Street in Singapore.

Cover image via Mothership

A woman was caught on dashcam talking on her phone before getting hit by a taxi in Singapore on 5 April

Image via Legit Singapore

The Straits Times reported that the woman was rushing across Lavender Street, Singapore, instead of using a designated pedestrian crossing. 

She was crossing a four-lane road when the incident happened.

The woman stopped in her tracks right before the final lane

Image via Legit Singapore

She seemingly noticed the oncoming taxi on the final lane but it was too late – the taxi eventually knocked the woman off her feet, and the driver came out to assist her to the roadside.

The woman was able to stand after the impact.

Jaywalking is punishable under Singaporean law

According to Mothership, one could be fined SGD50 (approximately RM151) for jaywalking. 

Meanwhile, offenders who are caught walking along expressway tunnels could be fined SGD75 (approximately RM227). 

A video of the incident can be viewed here:

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