Woman Caught On Video Kicking And Abusing Bus Driver While Trying To Grab Steering Wheel

She also stamped on the driver after hitting him and throwing a water bottle.

Cover image via SCMP

Earlier this week, a woman in central China's Henan province who flagged down a bus while she wasn't at a designated bus stop attacked the driver when he advised her to wait at one in future

Image via SCMP

While the driver stopped to let the woman board the bus, when he told her about the designated bus stop, she started yelling at him

The woman, identified by her surname Chen, was caught in the closed-circuit television (CCTV) installed inside the bus abusing and assaulting the driver.

South China Morning Post, in its report on Thursday, 4 July, said that she threw a water bottle at him, kicking and hitting him while trying to grab the steering wheel.

During the violent act on Wednesday, the driver was forced to slam on the brake. She then stood on the edge of the driver's seat and kick and stamp on him, reported SCMP.

Image via SCMP

The bus driver called the police while he was being kicked

Following which, Chen was detained for endangering public safety, local police said in a statement on China's social media site Weibo.

According to SCMP, authorities sent the driver to a hospital for a check-up.

The CCTV footage of the woman assaulting the bus driver has since gone viral, drawing a huge backlash from Weibo users

"Should prevent these people from taking the bus forever," one Weibo user commented, while another said: "[She should] get strong punishment! It’s irresponsible for other people’s safety as well as hers," according to SCMP's report.

Someone also suggested that drivers should get protective gears or there should a door to the driver's seat that helps prevent passengers from grabbing the steering wheel.

You can watch the video here:

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