Viral Post Details How 2 Vietnamese Pickpocket Women Were Nabbed Red-Handed In KLCC

Female pickpockets, believed to be Vietnamese citizens, were caught red-handed in the KLCC shopping complex recently.

Cover image via Jannah Adam Thevan

Earlier on 8 July, Facebook user Jannah Adam Thevan shared a pickpocketing incident, of which she herself was the victim, that occurred at KLCC on Sunday, 5 July. In her post, which has since gone viral, Jannah details how while she was shopping at Zara boutique, located on the concourse Level, her purse was stolen.

A file image of the ZARA at KLCC.

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From Jannah's post, which has since been shared over 17K times:

"When I was at Zara boutique while choosing a few dresses, I realised one elderly lady was standing too close to me and pushing me while I was choosing the clothes. And after a few minutes, this lady was gone. I continued looking at the clothes for a few more minutes and then I decided to leave Zara.

I went to Mark & Spenser kiosk selling chocolates and biscuits, located in front and not too far from Zara boutique. I had picked up a few items here and when I was at the cashier to pay for the items, I realised that my wallet was missing."

After noticing her missing purse, Jannah immediately rushed back to Zara and called the manager on duty for help. She writes that she remembered the face of the suspect who came too close to her.

Jannah then details how the manager checked the CCTV footage, which showed that she was actually surrounded by not only one but three ladies at ZARA's dress area. According to the CCTV footage, one of the ladies stole her wallet from her handbag when Jannah was busy choosing the dresses at ZARA.

After grabbing hold of her wallet, the three suspects left ZARA. Jannah writes that the boutique's manager was able to identify the suspects from a previously happened pickpocketing incident with one of their customer's earlier on Saturday, 4 July, during which the customer's handbag was cut open and iPhone 6 and her wallet were stolen.

After identifying the suspects, the boutique's manager and one of the security guards accompanied Jannah to KLCC security's office

Coincidently, as they were walking towards the KLCC security's office, Jannah and the boutique's manager bumped into the victim of Saturday's pickpocket incident. She was standing, with a couple of her friends, in front of Chamelon store.

She approached the Zara boutique's manager and told him that the three suspects are now actually inside Chamelon, looking for other victims. Immediately, the KLCC security guard with Jannah and the manager, called a few more security personnel to come to Chamelon to detain the suspects.

According to Jannah's post, two of the three suspects were held but one of them managed to escape. The two were brought to the KLCC security's office for investigation, during which it was revealed that they were from Vietnam and have actively been pickpocketing.

During the investigation inside KLCC security's office, it was discovered that they were hiding a lot of cash which they had stolen, including Jannah's RM2,015. The whole stack of this amount of cash was found in one of the suspects secret pockets in her undergarment, writes Jannah.

One of the suspects offered to return Jannah's money and pleaded for their release, which Jannah refused. Later, the KLCC security manager called the police of the Dang Wangi Police Station to bring the suspects to the police station for further investigation.

Jannah shared photographs of the two suspects. They have been detained for further investigation. However, according to the police, both the suspects denied that they stole anything. However, according to Jannah, the CCTV footage clearly places the suspects inside ZARA on both dates and show them stealing her purse.

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