Viral Video Of A 'Johor Cop' Threatening And Calling A Man "Babi Keling" Now Under Probe

The Johor police has called on witnesses to step forward and aid investigations.

Cover image via China Press/YouTube

A video showing a man, who claimed to be a Kulai policeman, threatening and attempting to extort money from a driver has been circulating online recently

The video shows the 'policeman', armed with an automatic pistol, flashing it at the victim and claiming that he has 'connections' in the Kulai Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department (NCID). 

The 'policeman' can also be heard spewing racial slurs at the victim, including "babi keling".

Image via Malaysiakini

The 'policeman' can be heard demanding RM50,000 from the victim

The victim was heard saying in the video that he could only afford RM20,000 out of the RM50,000 demanded.

The 'policeman' then warned the victim that the latter's brother, who is incarcerated, would die if the total sum was not paid.

"That's your problem (that your brother is in jail). My boss has been asking where the balance (of the RM50,000) is, if not, your brother will die inside (jail). That's how it is," the 'policeman' said.

The Johor police has since vowed to investigate the video

According to Malay Mail, Johor deputy police chief Datuk Mohd Kamarudin Md Din confirmed that an investigation has been launched by the police after viewing the footage.

"The Johor police are aware of this incident which has tarnished the image and good reputation of the police force," Mohd Kamarudin was quoted as saying by Malay Mail yesterday, 29 January. 

"Action will be taken if there has been any abuse of power involving senior police officers or police personnel from the Johor police contingent," he added.

The deputy police chief has also called on witnesses to come forward and aid investigations.

You can watch the video in full here:

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