Viral Video Shows Man Attacking Elderly Woman After She Confronts Him For Open Burning

The video shows the man slapping the woman repeatedly in the face and in the back of her head.

Cover image via r/Malaysia (Reddit)

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Footage of an elderly woman being repeatedly slapped and hit in the back of her head by a man has gone viral on Reddit

In a post published on the r/Malaysia subreddit on 28 January, a user claimed that her grandmother was assaulted by a neighbour, who operates a glamping site in Tanjung Kling, Melaka.

"This afternoon, my grandmother, who is close to 80 years old, was punched and beaten by a neighbour after she confronted them for openly burning garbage behind her home," said the user.

The user alleged that the glamping ground operators have been regularly practising open burning, and the resulting smog has adversely affected her grandmother's health.

"Even though we have tried to communicate civilly, it is still no use and they continue to practise it," she said.

She added that their family has reported the issue to the local council, but despite receiving warning letters from the authorities, the glamping site has continued with its open burning

"This afternoon, once again, the operators were setting up for another open burning, and my grandmother went to confront the person, and they got into a heated argument," said the Reddit user.

The granddaughter claimed that the neighbour then suddenly charged towards her grandmother and slapped her repeatedly in the face.

"My grandmother tried to escape but the scumbag did not have any intention of stopping and continued to pursue her to deliver one more hit at the back of my grandmother's head, causing her to fall to the floor.

"From the video, it is clear that my grandmother was crying for help... He could have just walked away from the argument and handle it in a more civil manner, but he chose violence against a weak person instead," she added.

The user concluded the post with a 29-second video of the assault, saying that she has brought her grandmother to a hospital and reported the incident to the police.

You can find the Reddit user's video here.

After the post went viral on Reddit, the glamping site operator took to Facebook to explain their side of the incident

In a video posted today, 29 January, The Baruh Glamping acknowledged that the elderly woman is their neighbour, who has accused them of "dirtying" the area around their glamping site for years.

"This has been going on for years. Our neighbour has always incited everyone and complained about us of being dirty. We often clean the area around the glampling grounds so that there are no snakes or other animals for everyone's safety, but she always accuses us of littering!" they wrote.

The glamping site operator also alleged that the grandmother had attacked one of their staff first, prompting them to act in self-defence.

"Our staff was simply trying to chase her away and take the wooden stick from her so that she wouldn't use it to hit us again," they said.

However, the 53-second video they posted only showed the elderly woman shouting angrily at their direction while waving the wooden stick. The video did not capture her physically assaulting anyone.

Nonetheless, the operator said that they will leave the incident to the police to investigate.

Both parties have confirmed with SAYS that they have filed police reports about the incident.

You can watch The Baruh Glamping's video here.

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