UMNO General Assembly: Set Curfew Hours For Malaysians Aged 21 And Below

Wangsa Maju Wanita UNMO division chief Datuk Noor Aieni Mohd Ali believes that this can curb social problems.

  • Wangsa Maju Wanita UMNO division chief Datuk Noor Aieni Mohd Ali suggested setting curfew hours for Malaysians aged 21 and below yesterday, 6 December

      • Wangsa Maju Wanita UMNO division chief Datuk Noor Aieni Mohd Ali
    • Speaking at the Wanita UMNO assembly, Datuk Noor Aieni said those aged 21 and below must not be allowed to leave their homes without adult supervision between 10pm and 5am daily.

      New Straits Times (NST) reported that she believes that this could curb social ills among young people.

      "I urge the Women, Family, and Community Development Ministry to formulate a plan on how the law can be amended. This will ensure youths and children are under the supervision of parents and not get themselves involved with rempit activities, gangsterism, drug abuse, loitering, around public parks and doing immoral activities."

      "The family institution has to be strengthened. It may be difficult to be implemented but this is the best way forward to guide the future generation from social problems and to raise them as competitive individuals in a challenging globalisation era," she added, as reported by NST.   

  • Meanwhile, Puteri UMNO chief Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin spoke about education loans, asking for the government to consider extending PTPTN loans for Malaysians who wish to pursue their tertiary education overseas

    • She was highlighting the proposal that was put forth by Sekretariat Mahasiswi Nasional (SWiNAS), which details the financial burdens faced by undergraduates who are struggling due to the high costs of living. 

      "These students are forced to bear a high cost of living, to the extent that some parents have to pawn their property or land just to make sure that their children can succeed abroad. 

      "If they do not receive full loans, they could be given half or quarter loans for the students' expenses or cost of living. This is important as they are the country's assets for the future," she stressed, in a separate NST report yesterday.

  • The 2017 UMNO General Assembly kicked off on 5 December and will end on 9 December. It is the party's last general assembly before the 14th General Elections.

    Among other issues, UMNO President Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak spoke against opposition allegations that UMNO is a racist party.

    • "UMNO is not anti-Chinese -- but it was evident that the Chinese community, and some of the Indians, were misled and fell for the lies and promises spewed by the opposition. 

      "The truth is, UMNO is for all, because all this while, we have been celebrating diversity, and we believe in the principle of living together," said Najib during his policy speech at the UMNO general assembly yesterday. 

      He also made it a point to remind his delegates on the importance of winning the hearts and minds of voters in the upcoming elections, whom he described as persuadable voters, according to NST

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