Wee Ka Siong Asks Authorities To Ban Korean 'Monk' DJ From Performing In M'sia Again

South Korean DJ NewJeansNim's scheduled shows have since been cancelled, to the disappointment of fans.

Cover image via Mohd Adam Arinin/New Straits Times & Free Malaysia Today

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A South Korean DJ has sparked outrage in the Buddhist community by performing at a nightclub in Kuala Lumpur while dressed as a monk

South Korean DJ NewJeansNim, also known as DJ Bbakoo, is known for his unique stage persona in his home country.

However, he received backlash after several videos of him performing at Gemu Club KL last Friday, 3 May, went viral.

In the videos, the bald performer can be seen dressed in white monk robes while chanting "부처 hands up!" — a play on 'Put your hands up!' with the pronunciation of 'Buddha' in Korean — and using Buddhist prayer items to hype up the crowd.

Screenshots taken from social media.

Image via TikTok

The main gripe came from the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM), who said the DJ has given the public the wrong perception of Buddhist practices

"YBAM opines that it is inappropriate to impersonate a Sangha member, one of the components of Triple Gem, in performances related to Buddhist rituals in entertainment venues such as dance halls," said YBAM general secretary Eow Shiang Yen in a statement on 7 May.

"The Triple Gem is the core of teaching of Buddhism and the realisation of Dharma. The dance club setting also contains elements that potentially causes violation of the Five Precepts of Buddhism," he explained.

Eow added that while modern society has its needs for creativity, entertainment, and humour, its presentation must consider moderation, respect, and religious sensitivities.

MCA president Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong has also since backed YBAM's sentiments, calling for the authorities to ban the DJ from performing in the country ever again

In a statement yesterday, 9 May, Wee said the popular Korean DJ has "angered the Buddhist community in Malaysia".

"His controversial acts have hurt the feelings of the Buddhist community, which will celebrate Wesak Day in two weeks' time," he said,

He added that he has appealed to the Home Affairs Minister to instruct the Immigration Department, the Royal Malaysia Police, and the PUSPAL secretariat to prevent the entry of the DJ into Malaysia in order to respect the sanctity of Buddhism and preserve religious harmony in Malaysia.

DJ NewJeansNim was supposed to make a second appearance at the same club on the eve of Wesak Day "due to overwhelming demand".

The DJ was also scheduled to perform in Melaka on 31 May.

However, due to the backlash, the nightclubs have since called off the events, much to the disappointment of fans.

"We want to reassure our patrons that their support and feedback are invaluable to us. We recognise that many of our patrons have expressed their desire for the show to proceed as planned.

"That said, after careful consideration and in the interest of social harmony, we have made a difficult decision to cancel the show," read Gemu Club KL's statement yesterday.

Meanwhile, in a statement today, 10 May, Bliss Club Melaka said, "Unfortunately, due to aspects that are concerning to our local community, we have chosen to abide by making the decision to cancel the show, in order to maintain a healthy relationship with our stakeholders."

DJ NewJeansNim is scheduled to perform in Hong Kong next week and S2O Taiwan in July.

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