Heartwarming Video Shows Fishermen In East Malaysia Saving A Whale Shark Tangled In Rope

"I love all the growna** men calling bye bye! Bye bye!"

Cover image via Reddit

A video of a whale shark "asking for help" from a group of fishermen in East Malaysia has been melting people's hearts

The clip posted on Monday, 2 December, showed the whale shark entangled in rope as it approached the boat.

The incident allegedly took place in Sarawak.

As it swam towards them, one of the men grabbed the rope with a hook and cut it off with a knife

Image via Reddit

Grateful to finally be free, the creature swam off, splashing its tail as if thanking the men for their act of kindness.

In the background, the fishermen could be heard saying 'bye' to it while exclaiming how happy it looked after being set free.

Since the video went up, several people have praised the men for saving the creature

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit
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You can watch the video below:

Whale shark freed by Sarawakian fishermen

This whale shark was so distressed from being entangled in a rope that it approached a group of Sarawakian fishermen for help.

Posted by The Kuchingite on Monday, December 2, 2019

Wholesome :')

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It's always touching to see Malaysians care for humans and animals alike:

We need to stop littering to keep our oceans and rivers clean. This guy came up with an invention to reduce trash in the Klang River:

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