What Happened To Estonian Model Regina Soosalu?

Estonian model Regina Soosalu has been found dead in a private island. What happened? Here's all we know so far.

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Boyfriend Of Regina Soosalu Agrees To Cover Funeral Costs

Regina's boyfriend has offered to pay for the funeral costs.

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The family of freelance Estonian model Regina Soosalu does not want fundraising for her funeral after her boyfriend’s family agreed to bear all expenses. The model’s brother, Silver, said Tunku Alang Reza Tunku Ibrahim’s family would make all arrangements, including flying her remains back to Estonia. Silver told Malay Mail yesterday: “Yes, Alang’s family is helping us, we don’t need the donation now.”

Four More Have Been Arrested Over The Death Of Estonian Model Regina Soosalu

Four more people have been arrested to supply new leads regarding the death of model Regina Soosalu.

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Four more people, including a woman. have been arrested over the death of Estonian freelance model Regina Soosalu. Johor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Hasnan Hassan said the four were arrested in Mersing after police found “good reason that the group would be able to assist with investigations”.

Police have arrested three men and a woman in Mersing yesterday to help investigations into the murder of Estonian model Regina Soosalu. It is learnt that the suspects are believed to have known the victim and and may supply a new lead to help investigators.

Friends Of Regina Soosalu Are Raising Funds To Help Send Her Body Back Home

Regina Soosalu's body was discovered on a beach on Rawa island

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Friends of murdered Estonian model, Regina Soosalu, are raising funds to help send back the body, an exercise that could otherwise cost her family RM120,000, The Star reported today.

Regina’s friends who have set up a Facebook page named “In Loving Memory of Regina Soosalu 7/Dec/1984-1/Jul/2014” said the money would also be used to hold a memorial here for her friends and family in Kuala Lumpur. “We are looking into starting a fundraiser for her family in Estonia and are discussing this with the family,” wrote the page administrator to The Star. In addition, they are also looking at the possibility of getting a lawyer to hold a watching brief for Soosalu’s family.

Estonian honorary consul to Malaysia Col (rtd) Datuk Harbans Singh said he had advised the family to come to Malaysia and have her body cremated due to the high cost in sending it back. He said one foreign airline had quoted a staggering RM120,000 to take her body home. “I have also advised the family it would be better for them to come here and speak directly with the police about the investigations,” he said.

Malaysian police have released two of the seven people detained in relation to the murder of Estonian model Regina Soosalu, who was mysteriously found dead in Pulau Rawa recently. Johor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Hasnan Hassan said that the two were released on July 8 after police recorded their statements and other relevant details in regards to Soosalu's death.

"The other five are still being detained to assist in investigations," he said in a statement here on Sunday. Earlier reports said Soosalu's boyfriend Tunku Alang Reza Ibrahim, a Johor royalty, was among the seven detained. It was unclear if he was one of the two released.

11 July: Tengku Alang, The Boyfriend Of Dead Estonian Model Has Been Arrested By The Police

Tengku Alang has been arrested to help assist with investigations.

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The boyfriend of Estonian model Regina Soosalu, whose death in Pulau Rawa has attracted national interest, has been detained by police to assist investigations.

Johor CID chief Datuk Hasnan Hassan confirmed Tengku Alang's arrest, which brings to seven the total number of people detained in connection with Soosalu's murder.

Regina And Tengku Alang Had Been Charged For Possession Of Cannabis Earlier This Year

Regina and her boyfriend had been charged with possession of drugs earlier this year.

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The Star also reported that Soosalu and Tengku Alang had been involved in a drug case earlier this year and were charged in the Magistrate Court on May 12 with possession of 5.84g of cannabis. The couple pleaded not guilty and were released after paying a total of RM7,000 in bail money.

On 1 July 2014, The Body Of Estonian Model Regina Soosalu Was Found On Pulau Rawa, A Privately Owned Island

The body of Estonian model Regina Soosalu was found on the island of Pulau Rawa on July 1

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An Estonian model known to have links to a member of a royal family has been found murdered in Pulau Rawa, raising many questions.

Fashion models and industry players are questioning the circumstances leading to the death of top freelance model Regina Soosalu on July 1.

Rawa, a privately-owned island, is located 16km off the east coast of the peninsula and is an hour’s boat ride from Mersing. It is home to two resorts — Le Club and The Safari.

Regina Was Initially Thought To Have Drowned, Before Police Reclassified The Case As Murder After Discovering Wounds On Her Body

Initially thought to have died of drowning, police have reclassified the case after finding wound marks on her body.

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Freelance model Regina Soosalu was initially thought to have drowned when her body was discovered on a stretch of beach along the island on July 1, the day she arrived on the island.

However, the police are now investigating the death as murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code after discovering “suspicious” wounds on her body.

This comes about after police had yesterday classified the case as murder after injuries were found on the Estonian’s body.

"However, there were injuries on the body of the victim which led us to re-classify the case as murder," said Hasnan, adding that the victim arrived at Pulau Rawa on July 1 and died the same day.

She Was Believed To Have Been Holidaying On The Island Before The Incident

Regina often holidayed in the private island according to close sources.

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Estonian model Regina Soosalu spent a lot of time on Pulau Rawa after getting together with her boyfriend about two years ago, her close friend said.

An online portal had previously reported that Soosalu, who lived in Kuala Lumpur, was believed to have been on a holiday on the island when she died.

Another model, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Soosalu spent most of her time on the island with her partner and his friends.

Regina Was Said To Have Been Going Out With Tengku Alang Reza, A Member Of Johor Royalty For About Three Years

Estonian model Regina was said to be going out with a member of royalty.

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Talks behind the runway curtain and at studios revealed Soosalu was “going out” with a member of a royal family for the past three years and that he owns a resort on Rawa Island, located off Mersing.

A source close to Soosalu and her boyfriend said he had been told the model was last seen by hotel workers leaving her room for a walk near the jetty. He said she never returned after that. The boyfriend, Tengku Alang Reza Ibrahim, had been silent on the death on his Facebook account until Tuesday. The source said he had been too distraught to talk about it.

Close Friends Are Suspicious On Why Her Death Was Only Reported Five Days Later

Regina's close friends are wondering why her death was only reported 5 days after her death.

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“News of her death came as a shock to us. We can’t seem to understand why her death was only made public on July 6, five days after she had died.”

Sources in the modelling industry, however, suspected something amiss as her death was only made known to them only on July 6. They were also not informed of the exact cause of her death, which varied from drowning to a disease.

Police Have Detained Six People Except Tengku Alang, Regina's Boyfriend, To Assist With Investigations

Six people have been detained to assist in investigations.

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He said six people had been detained to assist investigations but police could not reveal the exact time of the incident and how the murder took place. “We need more time but we can assure you that investigations are under way,” he said. Hashnan said the partner was not among the six picked up.

He also said that the police have detained six individuals to help in the investigation. "We are still investigating the case. We are now waiting for the full post-mortem report."

The partner had, in his posting on July 6, said: “I am deeply saddened and totally heartbroken to confirm the worst tragedy of my life. Regina my love has passed away on July 1, in the holy month of Ramadan. She is my love, my best friend and will continue to be my inspiration for the rest of my life. Her heart was filled with greatness, love and compassion for all beings and life itself. Whichever faith or freed you may be, know that her energy/soul/spirit continues in this cruel world. Words can not express the emptiness and heartache I feel. Farewell for now, never goodbye. Till we meet again I love you My baby, you’ll always be in my heart X”.

Asked if the boyfriend had been called in as well, SAC Hasnan said the police had yet to bring him in.

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