"Why So Small?" - Malaysian Actress Body Shamed Over Chest Size In Instagram Post

Meanwhile, others criticised her for not covering up.

Cover image via Instagram @sharifah_sakinah

Local celebrity Sharifah Sakinah recently received an onslaught of body shaming and inconsiderate comments on one of her Instagram posts

The 31-year-old Rise: Ini Kalilah actress posted a photo of herself in a gold-coloured low-cut maxi dress to her 2.4 million followers on Monday, 22 June, with just the simple caption, "Let the sunshine in".

However, in merely three days, the post garnered over 5,600 comments, way more than the usual hundreds her past posts have received

It seems that several Malaysian netizens had taken to judging the size of her chest in the photo, with one of the top comments being, "Oh my, why so small?"

Another netizen said her chest "could not even compare to a 10 sen nasi lemak packet".

"She's really beautiful, but with that size... It's the same as a growing teenager," said another Instagram user.

Most of the comments came from women.

Meanwhile, others found fault with the way she was dressed and criticised her for not observing religious practices.

"The woman's aurat is their whole body, except for her face and wrists," reminded a netizen.

While another asked, "Is this the best place to put your aurat for show?"

Nevertheless, the actress did not let the cyberbullying get to her

She fought back later that day by posting another picture of herself - this time with her arms crossed over her chest while sitting in the same dress.

She captioned the picture, "So noisy. Okay lah, I'll cover up with my arms".

Body shaming and cyberbullying are serious crimes. Offenders can be fined RM50,000, jailed for a year, or both:

Cyberbullying is still rampant in Malaysia:

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