Wild Elephant Spotted Enjoying A Dip At A Lake In Terengganu

Malaysian Loch Ness.

Cover image via Mohd Sukrillah/Facebook

First, there were orcas. Then, there was a tiger and a sun bear.

Now, a wild elephant has appeared to take a swim at a lake in Terengganu.

A four-minute video of the incident was shared by Mohd Suwardi Muhammad Azmi, who was on a fishing trip when he saw the large creature casually swimming in Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu.

His friend Mohd Sukrillah took the video, which has since received over 66,000 views and 1,000 Facebook shares.

The elephant can be seen using its trunk to breathe above the waters

It then climbed out of the lake and gave a quick pose for the camera before disappearing into the forest.

This is the fourth time he has seen elephants in those waters

Since he started fishing activities back in 2004, Mohd Suwardi told Bernama that he has spotted several elephants taking dips in the lake.

"I did not expect the video to receive so much attention. Maybe it's because many do not know that elephants can swim," he shared with the news portal.

However, he was glad that he spotted the elephant at the lake because it meant that the mammal still viewed it as a habitat.

Watch the full video below:

Ada orang tak berapa percaya bila ambe cerita gajah boleh berenang dari pulau ke pulau dalam tasik kenyir. Ini buktinya.video ni diambil Mohd Sukrillah petang kemarin. Jika badan lebih kecil dari gajah tapi tak pandai berenang,anda patut berasa malu pada gajah.

Posted by Suwardi Azmi on Saturday, September 21, 2019

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