Witness Says Friend Was Beaten To Death Because Of Toilet Scuffle In Bandar Utama

At 2am on Sunday, 22 June 2014, friends of 46-year-old Tan Bon Hock saw him being beaten to death by three suspects who later fled. What sparked the fight?

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46-Year-Old Tan Bon Hock And Three Of His Friends Were At First Avenue, Bandar Utama When Three Suspects Beat Him To Death

Petaling Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Azmi Abu Kassim said in the 2am incident, Tan Bon Hock, 46, together with three friends were involved in a dispute earlier with three suspects near the toilet at an entertainment centre.

According To A Report, The Fatal Outrage Is Believed To Have Been Caused By An Earlier Scuffle Involving The Victim Due To Lack Of Toilet Space

Bagaimanapun menurutnya, berlaku tolak-menolak semasa di dalam tandas, kerana ruang yang sempit. “Selepas keluar dari tandas, mangsa bersama tiga rakannya telah turun dari pusat hiburan berkenaan yang terletak di tingkat atas bangunan First Avenue menggunakan lif.

The Victim's Friend Said, "One Of The Suspects Called Up The Victim And Eventually Started To Beat, Kick And Punch The Victim."

"Based on the victim's friends who witnessed the incident, one of the suspect called up the victim and eventually started to beat, kick and punch the victim," he said when contacted here, today.

Jelas Azmi, kejadian tersebut disaksikan tiga rakan mangsa yang bersamanya dan mereka hanya mampu melihat rakannya itu dibelasah kumpulan lelaki berkenaan.

The Suspects Who Ran Away Are Being Hunted By Police While A Post-Mortem Will Be Carried Out

The victim's body had been sent to the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre for a post-mortem. "Investigation is being carried out under section 302 of the Penal Code for murder," said Petaling Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Azmi Abu Kassim

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