An Elderly Woman Was Allegedly Charmed And Scammed Of All Her Life Savings By A PJ Man

"[The] moment Alan took the cash and walked away, she vomited."

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An elderly woman was allegedly scammed out of all of her life savings at a morning market in Section 17, Petaling Jaya

In a Facebook post on 29 March, her daughter Nancy Tan, related her mum's unfortunate incident.

The post has since received over 467 shares at the time of writing.

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Nancy's mum was doing her usual morning grocery shopping when she was approached by a "smartly dressed" young man in braces and a young girl by his side

"The 'nice' man spoke in Mandarin, introduced himself as Alan, and gave her an angpow," she wrote in the post.

Inside the envelope, Nancy's mum found RM200 cash reward.

"When Alan handed her the cash, he told her of an exciting new investment scheme endorsed by Bank Negara and RHB that would pay 10x investment returns," she added.

Alan then showed the victim happy photos of people on his phone who had made the investment. He promised that she could do the same, but must invest in cash by the end of the day because the promotion was for a "limited period".

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Alan and a 'security guard' then followed the victim as she drove to several banks where she withdrew all of her fixed deposit savings prematurely

It was believed that Alan told her she would earn back the interest from the early withdrawal using the investment scheme.

"From OCBC to Public Bank, Alliance, and Hong Leong Bank, she withdrew all her FD accounts.

"Alan was by her side at every bank and some of the tellers showed concern by asking her reason for the withdrawal and in such large sums of cash.

"She told them it was for a renovation and Alan had reminded her to say that he was her grandson who was there to help her if anyone asked," Nancy explained.

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Her mum then said that she started to feel tired, as she had not eaten breakfast. So at around 3pm, the 'guard' went to buy her a pau.

By the end of the day, the victim had collected a stack of withdrawal slips with huge sums of cash piled in plastic bags.

And at around 5pm, Alan then directed her to the last stop - RHB branch in Sea Park. He told her that he would proceed to deposit her cash, and "took with him one of her bank slips to prove to the bank that she was the account holder."

"By then she was extremely weak and exhausted... the moment Alan took the cash and walked away, she vomited," wrote Nancy.

Tired and waiting in her car, Nancy's mum closed her eyes to rest. However, when she opened her eyes, the 'guard' and Alan had not returned.

"He did not give her his contact number so she couldn't call him and waited a bit more hoping that he would return."

"We took her to make a police report that night and also went to see the Investigating Officer to give him every detail. We are hopeful the banks' CCTVs have captured an image of this [email protected]$%#*d," she wrote.

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Nancy ended her post by saying that she believed her mum might have been put under a spell

"Whether it was the angpow she opened, or some charm spread by this guy, we would never understand what compelled her to trust this stranger completely," she added.

"We are only thankful that she is not physically harmed. Please warn your folks. I believe they strike in communities where senior citizens congregate."

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