"You Were The Best" – Woman Bids Father Farewell After 17-Day Battle With COVID-19

The family only got to say their goodbyes through the phone.

Cover image via Jane Eow (Facebook)

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A woman had to bid her father farewell after his 17-day long battle with COVID-19 at Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL)

Facebook user Jane Eow took to social media to share her feelings after losing her 65-year-old father, Eow Ling, on Tuesday, 10 August.

She said he was hospitalised since July and the family did not expect to see his condition worsen from Stage Two to Stage Four during admission.

"We hoped everyday that you will call back and tell us that the doctor allowed you to be discharged, but I didn't expect..." Eow wrote.

"Thankfully the nurses at HKL were really good. They helped us video call you, and I felt some relief seeing you go peacefully."

Eow's photo of her father when he was admitted on the first day.

Image via Jane Eow (Facebook)

Eow shared that a relative of theirs tested positive on 6 July, so her family underwent home quarantine for two weeks

Unfortunately, as they were isolating, her father was not able to attend his second vaccine dose appointment as scheduled on 7 July.

She told Sin Chew Daily that her family initially tested negative for COVID-19, but after two weeks of quarantine, 18 family members, including her father, were diagnosed with the virus.

Eow's father was hospitalised after he went to a COVID-19 Assessment Centre on 25 July. Given his medical history of high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol, as well as his low oxygen reading at the time, he was immediately sent to HKL for treatment.

Eow said this is the last photo she took of her dad in person.

Image via Jane Eow (Facebook)

Showing a fighting spirit, Eow said her father video called home every day for a week to update his condition

However, the family received a call on 1 August from the hospital and they learnt that his condition had suddenly deteriorated.

The news was too much to bear. Eow shared a video of the heartbreaking moment after they found out, with family members crying and encouraging him to stay awake over the phone.

"We asked you to get up and stop sleeping. But since that day, you never called us back," she wrote.

On 10 August, the hospital told the family that her father had passed away

Eow said her family only got to say their goodbyes through the phone.

"No matter how hard it got, you went through it bravely. Even the doctors said you had a lot of strength," she penned to her father in a post that has since gone viral.

"They told us you were also the most co-operative patient. In the whole hospital, you were the best. You didn't disturb anyone and you listened."

In the end, Eow wrote that she felt some relief learning from the doctor that her father passed away after asking his nurse for breakfast that morning.

"After you finished eating, you left as soon as you were full."

The woman also thanked the hospital staff for taking care of her father and for patiently explaining his condition whenever the family called.

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