[VIDEO] Woman Gives Birth On The Street Then Calmly Walks Home With Newborn And Groceries

Her water suddenly broke while she was shopping.

Cover image via Miaopai

A Chinese woman's grocery shopping trip took a dramatic turn when her water broke and she had to give birth... out on the street!

A woman was seen giving birth in the street while out shopping in China.

Image via Miaopai

The video, which shows a woman in her 30s giving birth standing up after unexpectedly going into labour while out shopping, has gone viral in China.

Shanghaiist reported that the birth happened in the Guandong city of Yunfu last weekend.

The women started yelling after her water broke. A few seconds later, the newborn dropped from between her legs onto the ground.

Image via Miaopai

Stunned onlookers quickly jumped in to help the woman by providing her with a few chairs and a sheet of cardboard.

An ambulance was called and a medical worker eventually arrived to help the new mum cut the umbilical cord

Image via Miaopai

The infant was placed on a chair as medics cleaned it and handed it back to the mother, whom witnesses said remained standing the whole time and did not appear to be tired.

Once it was established there were no complications, the woman was seen walking home in her bloodstained dress, carrying a bag of groceries in one hand and her newborn on her other arm

Image via Miaopai

Several media outlets said she declined the offer because she wanted to save money.

Watch the full video below:

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