A Woman Said The Police Didn't Protect Her From Road Bullies. Here's All You Need To Know

A BMW blocked her car about 50 metres away from Alam Damai police station.

  • On 12 March, businesswoman Kogee Sinniah uploaded a six-minute video about her encounter with three alleged road bullies on her way home

    • Kogee claimed she was on her way home after picking up her son from training before three young men in a BMW car started tailing her. 

      She decided to drive to a police station while making several calls to 999, but the BMW "blocked" her car about 50 metres away from the Alam Damai police station. She then honked for "a good five minutes" in hopes of getting attention from the police, but to no avail.

      A policeman on duty also allegedly refused to let her drive into the police station after the BMW left, and told her to "speak nicely". 

      The Facebook video has garnered over 5,000 shares within a day.

  • Here's what we know so far:

  • 1. The policeman on duty told Kogee that the young men in the BMW were upset with her for driving into their lane earlier

    • In the video, Kogee said the young men in the BMW drove up to the police station as well, and talked to the same policeman who didn't let her into the compound.

      According to The Malaysian Insight, Kuala Lumpur police chief commissioner Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim said the policeman on duty advised the young men in the BMW to "not do anything against the law" and to "lodge a police report if they were unhappy".

      "The policeman had also questioned the driver of the BMW who said they were upset because she had almost hit them," Mazlan added.

  • 2. Kogee alleged that the policeman didn't come and check what was happening despite her honking, but Mazlan has claimed that there was a miscommunication

    • Kogee claimed the policeman asked if she was the one honking after she arrived at the police station. 

      "So what does this mean? He actually heard someone in distress but not one of them came to check what was happening. The driver of the BMW could have had a weapon," Kogee said. 

      However, Mazlan denied the claim that police turned her away and said there might have been a misunderstanding. 

      According to Malay Mail Online, Mazlan said the BMW left the scene after being advised to not follow the woman.

      • Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim pointing out where the woman parked her car the night of the incident.
    • "The woman was immediately allowed entry into the station where she stayed inside the compound for 10 minutes," he added.

      Furthermore, Mazlan said it was standard procedure for sentry policemen to ask visitors their purpose of visit before allowing them into the station.

      "Anyone is welcomed inside the station, but her request may have been miscommunicated following her emotional state as we have to also consider the safety of our officers at night," Mazlan said.

  • 3. Kogee said the policeman had asked her to "speak nicely", but Mazlan said it was a misunderstanding as well

    • Mazlan said Kogee's emotional state at the moment made her incomprehensible. 

      "There could have been some misunderstanding when the policeman told her to talk to him nicely as she was upset and terrified, and the policeman could not understand what she was saying," Mazlan added.

  • 4. In a Facebook post, Kogee said she lodged a police report at Taman Maluri police station

    • According to Malay Mail Online, Kogee did not lodge a report immediately after the incident as she had "lost faith" and "did not feel safe" in the Alam Damai police station after she was denied entry earlier.

      A probe will also be initiated into Kogee's complaint that she was mistreated by the policeman on duty.

  • 5. Following Kogee's report, three SPM school leavers have been detained by the police

    • Mazlan said they were detained yesterday, 13 March, at 8pm. The young men will be investigated under Section 506 of the Penal Code for criminal intimidation.

      "One of them was driving his parents' car, a BMW when the incident happened," he added.

  • You can watch Kogee's full recount of the incident here:

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