Woman Tried To Stop Her Ex-Boyfriend's Wedding By Showing Up In A Bridal Dress

The groom had broken up with her because their personalities were too different.

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A distraught woman in China crashed her ex-boyfriend's wedding while donning a full-length wedding gown

According to Star Video, affiliated to Hunan Legal Channel, the groom broke up with his ex-girlfriend because their personalities were too different.

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The incident has since made international headlines as a 30-second video of the recent dramatic exchange went viral.

Interrupting her ex-lover as he was about to kiss his bride, the woman begged for forgiveness and another chance

She grabbed the man by his hand, dropped to her knees, and yelled, "It's my fault!"

Image via Sina News
Image via Sina News

The man managed to free himself from her grasp and turned to console his wife-to-be.

However, the woman refused to give up and gripped his jacket instead.

Image via Sina News

While the bride initially appeared to keep calm, she eventually let go of her groom's hand and stormed off

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The groom quickly followed her, leaving his distraught ex-girlfriend behind

Image via Sina News

"We have an unexpected situation here. Perhaps this is the reality of love," the wedding emcee can be heard saying.

While netizens sympathised for all three parties, many joked that the woman's grand gesture was inspired by unrealistic romantic comedies

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"This guy's got an ex putting on a full wedding gown to try to get him back and here I am happy to get a text back," a netizen commented on 9GAG.

However, some showed pity towards the woman as she seemed to be hurting deeply.

"This is why you should have closure, even if it's an awkward situation," another social media user commented.

Watch the video of the gate-crashing here:

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