Woman Crashes RM2 Million Ferrari A Few Minutes After Renting It

Too fast and too furious.

Cover image via The Straits Times via Weibo

A woman in China smashed up a Ferrari sportscar moments after driving out from a rental dealership

MailOnline reported that photos and a clip of the crash have been circulating on social media platform Weibo.

It has been reported that the accident happened in the city of Wenling last Thursday, 21 June. 

The Ferrari 458, a vehicle priced above RM2 million, crashed into the side of a BMW before spiralling out of control and causing a pile-up on a busy intersection

The vehicle's bonnet was heavily damaged and one of its wheels dislodged.

Road conditions that day were slippery due to rain, The Straits Times reported. 

The Ferrari crashed into a BMW X3 before spiralling out of control.

Image via Mirror

A clip - reportedly filmed by the driver inside the vehicle - shows her praising how "amazing" the car was

"First time driving a Ferrari. This truly is the most amazing feeling," the woman was quoted as saying by NextShark.

The woman and her friends were unhurt in the accident. However, repairs of the vehicle have been estimated to be at USD300,000 (around RM1.2 million), almost half of the car's purchase price.

It is unclear if the woman was insured and whether it would cover the damage.

The video below shows the car spinning out of control after losing traction in slippery conditions:

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