Woman Dragged Across Road After Jacket Worn Backwards Gets Caught In Motorcycle Tyre

The jacket wrapped around her neck and caused her to blackout.

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It is quite common for motorcyclists to wear jackets or windbreakers backwards when riding as a way to protect their chest from getting hit by rain droplets

Or to keep dirt and dust away from their ironed shirts.

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A recent incident, however, has shown that it can be extremely dangerous if the jacket is loose and gets caught in the tyres

Facebook user Fatin Khalidah shared in a post that she witnessed first-hand a woman crashing after her jacket got stuck in a motorcycle tyre on Monday, 30 September.

The post has been shared over 3,900 times at the time of writing.

Image via Facebook

In the dashcam video, the motorcyclist's jacket can be seen flapping in the wind

Image via Facebook

Within a matter of seconds, her jacket gets caught in the rear tyre and drags her across the road

Image via Facebook

According to the post, the jacket wrapped around the woman's neck and dragged her headfirst to the ground causing her to blackout.

Fatin shared that her husband and several passersby immediately rushed to the woman's aid and gave her CPR before an ambulance arrived

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

She added that the video was shared as a reminder to motorcyclists wearing jackets to please be careful when riding.

Watch the video below:

Another Facebook user previously urged motorcyclists to wear jackets the proper way when riding:

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