Woman Gets Stabbed By A Man While Walking Home In Bangsar Neighbourhood

The incident took place at 1.45am this morning, 17 October.

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A woman was stabbed by a man who was walking around a neighbourhood in Bangsar at 1.45am this morning, 17 October

In a Facebook post, Susmita said that she and her friend were walking back home between Jalan Terasek 3 and 6 when a man suddenly appeared and held a knife towards her friend's throat.

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The suspect, believed to be in his mid-40s, then threatened to slit the girl's throat if she made noise

Out of fear, the victim continued to shout for help which resulted in the man allegedly stabbing her throat.

Susmista continued by saying that the man then demanded cash from her instead but fled once he found out that she had nothing.

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Susmista's friend who was stabbed this morning.

Susmista's friend who was stabbed this morning.

Image via Sumista/Facebook

Afraid to walk back home, the 23-year-old and her friend then ran to houses nearby begging for help but were met with unwilling neighbours

"We were begging for help [from] nearby houses as we didn't feel safe to walk till our own house. Some of them came out and closed the door. One of them said, you go... you go to another house. Another of them said, why are you wasting time? Run to your own house," said Susmista.

Susmista told SAYS that she has since filed a police report and that the suspect has yet to be caught

She added that the case is currently under investigation.

Susmita's police report.

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