Woman Poured Boiling Water All Over Her Maid's Body Because Of A Pair Of Scissors

"From the top of my head, all the way to my back, my arms, legs, everything."

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A 21-year-old domestic worker in Bali, Indonesia suffered burns all over her body after being punished by her employer on 7 May

Eka Febriyanti lodged a police report one week after the incident, Coconuts Bali reported.

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The victim alleged that her employer, Desak Made Wiratningsing, had asked her to find a pair of scissors in the house

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The scissors reportedly cost IDR88,000 (RM25).

When Eka could not find it, she was told that she "had to receive a punishment".

The employer proceeded to pour a "big pan full of boiling water" on her.

"From the top of my head, all the way to my back, my arms, legs, everything," the 21-year-old revealed.

The house's security guard and Eka's stepsister Santi Yuni Astuti, who worked there as a babysitter, also had turns pouring hot water on her.

According to, the employer had threatened Santi, saying that she would receive the same punishment if she did not carry out the act.

After the incident, Eka managed to escape the house and seek refuge at a friend's home in Nusa Penida

She has since been treated at a local police hospital.

Image via Radar Bali

Eka's lawyer Supriyono revealed that the police report was filed against Desak, Santi, and the security guard, Detik reported.

"She has been working for seven months, but she has not been paid," he added.

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