Woman Questions RM1,000 Fine She Was Issued At Roadblock Within 10KM Her Home

She said she had Waze on to confirm that her destination was within a 10km radius of her house.

Cover image via Yusof Mat Isa/Malay Mail & Facebook

A woman is questioning why she was issued a RM1,000 fine for flouting the Movement Control Order (MCO) when she is sure that she was well within a 10km radius of her home

In a Facebook post on Sunday, 24 January, the woman living in Petaling Jaya, Selangor shared that she was driving out to go grocery shopping nearby when she was stopped at a police roadblock on Jalan Persiaran Surian.

She wrote that she had Waze on to confirm that her destination was within a 10km radius of her house before she left.

However, at the roadblock, a police officer questioned her if the mobile app was correct about the distance

According to her, they said it was "not logical" and asked, "You tell me is Waze accurate or not?”

"As it was my first time getting blocked, I was speechless. Additionally, if Waze is not accurate, I've no idea what else is accurate other than Google," she wrote on Facebook after the incident.

She said the police then asked her for her identification card (IC) and guided her to the side of the road, where another officer came to to take her details.

She tried again to explain that she had just left her home and she was within 10km of the place.

"However, they didn't believe me and insisted that I wasn't abiding by the rules."

Image via Facebook

In addition to her confusion over the violation, she said the police also asked her to pay the fine at the Ministry of Health (MOH)

"I asked if I can pay the saman online. Unfortunately, the police officer said no, I needed to go to MOH," she wrote.

She then wondered out loud to the police if the MOH office was over 10km away, were they going to issue her another fine?

"He said with this saman, they will not issue me another. Now, I'm confused with this logic."

The police then told her to order online the next time she needed food or groceries, to which she said made no sense for every meal of the week.

"I went back home disappointed and without the things I needed. I checked other official apps, as shown, I'm definitely less than 10km. I think it's really unfair to me," she said.

She ended the post wondering if anyone else has gone through the same issue.

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