24-Year-Old Woman Resumes Surfing Seconds After Giving Birth In An Internet Cafe

The newborn's umbilical cord was still attached to her.

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Earlier this week, a pregnant woman ended up giving birth in the restroom of an Internet cafe in Nanchang, China. However, instead of rushing to the hospital or ask for help from others, she went back to her computer to surf the Internet, as if nothing had happened.

According to a report by People's Daily Online, the woman was identified as Xiao Li, aged 24.

Workers at the Internet cafe in Nanchang had rushed to the bathroom after hearing a baby cry, and saw a pool of blood by the door. One worker told reporters that they were worried something had happened to a child in the bathroom—but that wasn't exactly the case.

Li left behind a trail of blood as she emerged from the bathroom with her baby in tow.

While the workers at the cafe scrambled to the phone to call an ambulance, the new mother seemed a bit more relaxed about the whole ordeal. She returned to her seat to continue playing on the computer. Both the staff and the customers looked on in shock.

It was a cleaner who found her and the baby in the toilet stall. She refused help from the cleaner, who later told a local TV station:

The cleaner was shocked that Ms Li went back into the internet cafe while still covered in blood.

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“There was a lot of blood. It totally blocked the toilet. She initially just stood there shaking and covered in blood but then she sat down and continued surfing [the internet].”

When the paramedics eventually arrived, she refused to get on the stretcher and walked to the ambulance herself. According to the woman, she ran away from home after an argument with her family and was supposed to move into her boyfriend's house. But she lost her wallet and decided to wait for her boyfriend at the cybercafe.

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Her family members and boyfriend rushed to the hospital after hearing the news.


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