Woman Scared Off A Man Flashing Her At An ATM By Recording Him With His Penis Out

"You know what? How about I f***ing record you?"

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A woman in India took to social media to share her traumatic experience of being flashed at an ATM

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Since it was published on 12 May, @shibxni's video on Twitter has garnered over 23,000 retweets at the time of writing.

On the night of 12 May, Shibani needed to withdraw money at her neighbourhood ATM vestibule to pay a rickshaw driver for a ride

To her frustration, the ATM was not working.

"This is the first time when the man (Sandeep Khumbharkar) enters and asks if I need help or want him to pay for the ride. I politely decline, saying I'll manage," she wrote in an Instagram post.

After arguing with the rickshaw driver and speaking to police officers passing by, she decided to try her luck with the ATM machine again.

While she attempted to withdraw her money a second time, the same man returned to the vestibule.

"But this time, he moves in closer and touches my shoulder and thigh, again asking if I need help," the woman said.

Angered by his inappropriate touching, Shibani yelled at him to stay away. However, the man did not leave.

"When I hear him, he's calling out to me and blatantly asking me to look at his hard d*ck that he had pulled out," she explained.

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Despite being afraid, Shibani did not want the man to get away with sexually harassing her.

"You know what? How about I f***ing record you?" she yelled, after taking out her phone and starting a video.

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The man, who had his erect penis hanging out of his pants, was caught off guard.

He quickly turned away and pretended to use the ATM, while tucking his genitalia back into his jeans.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

"Trying to hit on me in a f***ing ATM. Right?" Shibani can be heard saying as the man walked out.

She then showed the video to police officers outside the vestibule, who proceeded to chase the man

The next day, Shibani was informed that the man was in police custody.

She said that his justification of being drunk at the time does not excuse his actions.

"What he did was scary and terrifying. This was a locality wherein I felt safe. But he has ruined it for me," she wrote.

The woman added that she will be taking Sandeep to court in the coming week, to "make him pay for the way he made me feel."

Since her social media posts went viral, netizens have applauded Shibani for her courage and quick-thinking

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Image via Instagram

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