'Can I Hisap You?' - Woman Warns Public About Pervert Who Harassed Her On The LRT

"He kept looking at me, smiling and making faces."

Cover image via Dini Van Haeren

Pervert who sexually harassed a passenger on LRT has been arrested

Image via Dini Van Haeren

On 13 March, Nur Dini Van Haeren was sexually harassed by a man who whispered vulgar words at her and made "naughty" faces.

The Prasarana Malaysia Berhad (Prasarana) auxiliary police have come back with good news three days later, as they have successfully arrested the male suspect who sexually harassed Dini yesterday, 16 March.

"We have been on the lookout for the suspect for the past few days, and are pleased to share that he was successfully apprehended at the Taman Jaya LRT station yesterday," said Dato Ir. Zohari Sulaiman, CEO of Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd, the Prasarana subsidiary which operates the Rapid KL urban rail services.

According to Prasarana, the 37-year-old suspect from Lembah Subang, Selangor, was surrendered to the police after being positively identified by Dini.

Dini has expressed her gratitude towards Prasarana for their efforts in apprehending the perpetrator and also their professionalism in handling the matter.

"They kept updating me regarding the incident, and they took the matter very seriously. My parents and I were very impressed, and of course, grateful," she said.

14 MARCH: An early morning trip to work on the LRT left a woman traumatised when a man sexually harassed her yesterday, 13 March

Image via Dini Van Haeren

Dini Van Haeren was heading to her workplace in Kuala Lumpur when she felt uncomfortable the moment saw a suspicious-looking man as she got on the train at the Kelana Jaya station.

"This young man looked at me 'up and down' with a very 'naughty' face, you'd know he was not safe to be around the second you see his face," Dini recalled.

Cautious, Dini was on high alert but she still had to pass by the man to get on the train.

"I heard a whisper in my ear - he was saying, 'Fuuuh, can I hisap you?' or 'Fuuuh, can I suck you?'"

After uttering those disturbing words, the man continued harassing Dini.

"Since the train was almost full, I stood pretty near him, while he was right at the door of the train," the 21-year-old explained.

"He kept looking at me, smiling and making faces."

Dini mustered all her courage and shouted, "What is your problem?!" However, the man only responded with more smiles.

Image via Dini Van Haeren

She decided to take photos of the man, but he was quick to notice and covered his face with a packet drink.

A teary and scarred Dini moved away from the man later and refused to look at the him any longer.

"I didn't want him to see that I was crying, he would probably feel happy he got that."

She noticed that the man stepped out from the LRT at the Taman Paramount station when she saw him from the window.

On hindsight, Dini felt regretful for not making a big enough commotion

"People around me looked at him, but I didn't make it a big enough scene for people to react more."

"I wish I did so that he would be taken in, for people to know and be aware of this man, to try to get him off the train or something," Dini told SAYS.

The incident had taken her by surprise that she didn't have enough time to react or process her own thoughts and actions.

"I should have screamed, shouted, and told him off. But I was so shaken, shocked, violated, and felt so harassed. I was so angry, furious and sad."

"People must know that they can stand up for themselves, and do anything to shame them (perverts). Don't be afraid to scream or shout," she added.

Nevertheless, Dini said that this incident will not deter her from using public transportation in the future

"I don't think it should deter anyone, it should make people more strong to stand up for themselves."

Dini, who frequently uses the LRT, has experienced sexual harassments prior to this incident.

"I've been cat called countless of times, people meowing in a nasty voice in my ear, saying 'boobs' or 'tetek' in my ear. Many things were said to me."

"But most of the time it's when I'm walking in public and then I pass by people. when they say it and I look back, they are gone. Happens too fast. But the feeling of violation is definitely always there."

Dini has lodged a report to RapidKL about the incident and they are investigating the matter

According to Dini, the authorities took her particulars and all the information needed to look into her case.

"They were very prompt with their responses and said that they will play close attention to this situation. I really appreciated that from them."

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