Woman Shamed For Editing Photos Shares With Haters How She Edits Them Instead

"As humans, please be kind."

Cover image via Ex Treme/Facebook

Many people edit their photos. Even if it's just slapping on a filter to make a sunset look prettier, most of us – if not all – may have done it at some point.

A woman in China was recently called out on the Internet after edited photos of her showed how she looked in real life.

In the edited versions, she had a small figure and flawless skin – a desirable beauty standard in China.

However, the leaked photos revealed the unedited, unfiltered copies.

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The photos circulated the Internet, including a post by Facebook user Ex Treme which received over 18,000 shares since 21 May. 

Its caption read, "Technological... improvement."

Instead of succumbing to the criticisms, the woman addressed the issue by urging the public to be kind

According to Vice, she wrote in a post on Weibo, "I don't think I have to tolerate any abuses from the public."

"Those photos were taken secretly and unreasonably. We didn't know that we were being photographed, and we don't know who took those photos. For girls, editing our photos is no big deal, I don't want to explain anymore.

"If one day I go to extremes because of your behaviour, just because you didn't like what I did, will you be able to sleep at night for the rest of your life?

"As humans, please be kind."

She also added that she has never been paid to advertise products for companies on social media.

Image via Weibo/Vice

Vice reported that many praised her for her response.

One person commented, "That's right, what's wrong with a girl editing her photos? She isn't cheating any money or feelings, she can photoshop whatever she wants. Why do people have to care so much?"

The woman, who is considered a micro-influencer in China, has since embraced her editing skills and even shared tutorials on how she edits photos

Known as @coeyyyy on the Chinese social media platform RED, she disclosed several tips on how she edits.

Image via RED @coeyyyy

In another incident, a vlogger was exposed after her livestream malfunctioned:

Meanwhile, this Malaysian woman became popular for breaking typical beauty standards with her online store:

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