Woman Shares How A Driving School Instructor In Selangor Sexually Assaulted Her

She took to social media after her calls for justice failed to get a proper response.

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On 1 March, a woman took to her Twitter account to out a driving school instructor in Selangor. She accused the instructor of sexually assaulting her for four hours last Monday, 25 February.

"I am far beyond devastated with this school’s quality. Recently, on the 25th of February, I was sexually assaulted by Cikgu R____ for 4 hours straight. He touched/grabbed my hand, thighs and my butt," the Malaysian woman wrote on her post.

She also said that the instructor kept pushing her for her contact details and invited her to movies, adding that he insisted she hang out at his place after classes.

Alongside that, he has said a lot of dirty jokes and remarks about my body parts, especially my chest area.

The victim, who gave SAYS permission to use her post, said that she is calling out the instructor and the school publicly because she believes there are more of the instructor's victims out there

"I believe he must have done this before and no actions were taken.

"I am posting this publicly because this isn't a mere accusation. I am very traumatised over what has happened. Also, putting this up online because I know how much this centre cares about their reputation," she wrote, adding that she has nothing to lose.

"I am sure there's more of Cikgu R____'s (and other teachers') victims but they chose to stay in silence because they are terrified like me. I am done staying quiet as it is eating me up alive. For your child's safety, I do not recommend you to this centre at all."

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The instructor is young and is an ex-navy

She said she didn't fight back or resist when the incident happened because she is not a good driver and feared that something worse might happen.

Cikgu R____ had taken advantage of me as a student.

Following her tweet that went viral, the woman also shared a screenshot of her Instagram story, in which she claimed she was not the only victim. "A few have DM-ed me and shared that they were harassed too by other instructors from the same centre," she said.

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At the time of writing this story, the woman's main tweet was retweeted over 8,700 times, with several people asking her to lodge a police report.

According to the latest update posted by the woman on her Twitter account on 3 March, police have arrested the instructor

"Cikgu R____ has been arrested by the police. The police investigation is ongoing.

"I would like to thank every one of you who helped to bring awareness upon this case. Thank you to the other victims who have approached me. May everything goes well," read the woman's tweet that was posted on Sunday.

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