"So Near?" — Uncle Grab Driver Advises Woman To Walk Instead Of Ordering A Short Ride

The customer said that she was stunned by his comments and joked that she was still going to pay him anyway.

Cover image via Meanwhile In Malaysia (Facebook)

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The recent hot weather has caused all of us to consider ways to avoid the scorching sun at all costs

One woman recently went the extra mile (pun intended) by booking a Grab ride to a location that is presumed to be within walking distance of where she booked the e-hailing service.

In a post shared by Meanwhile In Malaysia, a local Facebook page that usually shares confessions from Malaysians, the woman stated that her Grab driver had asked her why she booked a ride.

"This was the first time a Grab driver scolded me and cancelled my booking," she wrote.

"I'm sorry, uncle. The weather was hot and I wanted to save time to reach my destination," she explained.

The woman also attached a screenshot of the messages that were sent to her by the driver, which shows him being puzzled by the booking

"(It's) so near also you need to take Grab?" he asked the woman.

"My goodness. Take an umbrella and do some exercise la," he added, before allegedly cancelling the ride.

The customer said that she was stunned by his comments and joked that she was still going to pay him anyway.

The Facebook post went viral, and while most Malaysians found the uncle's response amusing, some thought it was insensitive

One user commented that the uncle responded as if the customer was his own child or niece.

Image via Facebook

Another joked that the driver may have been a medical officer, dietitian, or physical education teacher in the past, which was why he asked the woman to exercise.

"I can't imagine getting into his Grab car. He would give a lecture the whole ride," they wrote.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, one user expressed concern and inquired what would happen if the customer was injured or travelling with a child.

"Be practical la uncle, you have to assess the situation if you want to give a piece of advice," they wrote.

Image via Facebook

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