Woman Went On RM800K Spending Spree Using Company's Credit Card After She Was Fired

She stole a company-owned credit card to live a life of luxury for over a year.

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A woman in Thailand has been arrested for spending over six million baht (RM800,000) with a credit card she had stolen from a company she used to work in

Image via Asia One

32-year-old Thamolwan Konthong, who got fired over a year ago, admitted that she stole the credit card as an act of revenge against her employer.

With the stolen credit card, Thamolwan went on a shopping spree for over a year, splurging on electronic gadgets, jewellery, and luxury hotel stays.

According to Asia One, the company’s accountants did not suspect anything was amiss as they assumed their employer was using the credit card

The accountants continued paying the bills to the card issuer, Kasikorn Bank, until their employer raised an alarm that the card has been stolen since late 2017 last month.

The company then filed a case with the Economic Crime Suppression Division.

Thamolwan was arrested on Monday, 11 June at a house in Dok Mai sub-district in Bangkok’s Prawet District. Police seized the following illegally obtained items, which she had purchased in the past year:

Gold bars weighing over 1.2kg,
- A 30gram gold necklace,
- Four smartphones,
- A car,
- A GoPro camera,
- A 55-inch TV,
- A laptop,
- An amplifier, and
- Branded purses and handbags.

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According to the police, Thamolwan had been using up the credit card's monthly limit of 500,000 baht (RM66,000)

Over the past year, she splurged on luxury hotels with rates up to 80,000 baht a night (RM10,000), and on international and domestic flights, Asia One reported. 

She also visited a gold shop in Samut Prakan for more than 50 times, spending 100,000 baht to 200,000 baht (RM13,000 - RM26,000) each time. 

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