Kelantan Syariah Chief Claims Women Are Sleeping With Foreign Workers For Extra Cash

Chief prosecutor Zaini Sulaiman revealed this based on the amount of women who were caught committing khalwat.

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Many women in Kelantan were recently reported to have been working as part-time prostitutes to earn extra pocket money

Kelantan Syariah chief prosecutor Zaini Sulaiman revealed this based on the amount of women caught committing khalwat (excessive closeness between the opposite sex) who have been brought to the Syariah Prosecution Department.

According to a report by New Straits Times on 31 July, Sulaiman said that it has been a trend in the state for women to work as "part-time prostitutes" and to look for foreign workers as their clients.

He added that many of the women come from lower-income families.

Zaini Sulaiman

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Sulaiman claimed that one of the reasons the women target foreign workers is because they are attracted to their "Bollywood actor good looks"

Based on records, he disclosed that quite a number of their clients are from Bangladesh and Myanmar. He added that many of the women caught were already married to other local and foreign men.

The couples would normally visit "budget hotels in isolated areas" thinking that their activities will go undetected, said the chief prosecutor

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He noted that the couples would get caught during operations by the state religious authorities while 'engaged in the act'.

According to Sulaiman, women found guilty of prostituting themselves can be fined up to RM4,000, jailed for two years, or both.

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