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WAG is non profit organization established in 2009 in Croatia. It will hold its 1st WAG Croatia on 29 June to10 July in 4 Crotian Cities in 2013. As the President of WAG in Malaysia, I am delightful to see our progress. WAG Malaysia (WAGM) has been approved by ROS on 22 March 2013. It is my duty to form a group of artists to represent Malaysia in this so called 1st ever 'Culture Olympic' event. Currently WAGM is looking for sponsors to support its activities. The main thing is to get fund in order to be able to participate at the the 1st WAG Croatia. Currently we have about 110 Malay artists agreed to join WAGM team. We also looking for Chinese and Indian artists since we are in search for 40 artists of them to join WAGM team. Art is a tool to deliver solidarity and unity among Malaysian. I myself is a Sabahan and would love to see this effort to be achieved. Frankly speaking it is about time we use our rich talented it Malay, Chinese, Indian, or Sabahan and Sarawakian to get rid out of those narrow sceptism among us. I dare to say let's learn something from Sabahan and Sarawakian who are much more unite among them. WAGM has great marketing opportunities lies ahead. Imagine what art through WAG organisations with more than 60 countries world wide can do for businesses societies. Resembling Olympic's marketing model, revenue can be generated in form of broadcasting, media rights, licensing, ticketing, and good Corporates image. WAG objectives is to promotes peace by interconnecting artists from around the world. This 2013 and in the future, WAGM plan will be as below: 29 June to 10 July 2013 - participate in 1st WAG Croatia....... Sept/Oct 2013 - plan to host the 3rd WAG Conference in Malaysia........ June 2015 - plan to the bennial 2nd WAG in Malaysia......... To conclude, WAGM will be a big player not just in art's industry but also relevant in times to comes as mechanism to sustain nation's solidarity. For more info visit or email me at [email protected] or call me at 014 371 3710 Ramsah Bin Sabdin President of World Art Games Malaysia

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Leggi l′edizione digitale ″Harian Metro″ del 04 maggio 2013.

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["", "", "Croatia will host the first World Art Games this summer, June 29 - July 10."]

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