Yes! Monday Is A Public Holiday!

Thanks to our awesome athletes!

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It's a wrap! The SEA Games have ended on a victorious note for Malaysians as local athletes give us another reason to celebrate: Monday, 4 September has been declared a public holiday by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak!

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Image via Najib Razak

Najib first teased an overly enthusiastic crowd as they chanted "Cuti, cuti!", saying it's not easy to declare a public holiday

"There are too many public holidays in Malaysia. But... due to the overwhelming support and the tremendous performances by our athletes, therefore, the government would like to announce 4 September as a public holiday," Najib announced to a roaring crowd.

Yup, we now have a five-day long weekend!

The purrrfect long weekend!

All thanks to our amazing athletes, who launched us to the top spot in the SEA Games by winning 145 gold, 92 silver, and 86 bronze medals!

What a grand finale, indeed!

The 29th SEA Games Closing Ceremony.

Image via Zaidi Aziz
Image via Zaidi Aziz
Image via Zaidi Aziz
Image via Zaidi Aziz
Image via Zaidi Aziz
Image via Zaidi Aziz

Enjoy the long break, guys!

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Oh, and a happy Merdeka to you, too!

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