You Can Be Barred From Travelling Abroad If You Have Unpaid Income Tax

Just like the 116,836 Malaysians who have been barred by the Immigration Department.

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Earlier this month, national goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat was barred from leaving the country as he had not paid his Income Tax

Due to which, Khairul was unable to join the national team that played Papua New Guinea at Port Moresby last Friday, 17 June.

The national goalkeeper was, however, allowed to fly later after he settled the arrears so he could join the squad for the rest of their Oceania tour.

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And Khairul isn't alone. In fact, the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) said that the Immigration Department has barred a total of 116,836 Malaysians from leaving the country due to unpaid Income Tax.

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IRB said that the barred Malaysians owe the government RM2.55 billion in unpaid income tax as of May 31, The News Straits Times reported today.

Another 9,665 individuals have also been stopped from leaving the country due to their failure to pay the Real Property Gains Tax, owing the government RM150 million.

Basically, if you're a Malaysian and have failed to settle your taxes, the Immigration Department can impose travel restrictions on you

In a report published by New Straits Times, the IRB has said that "The public are advised to check their travel status with the Immigration Department before planning a holiday abroad, especially during the upcoming festive season. Please check your status and clear any arrears to avoid unnecessary loss of time and money."

You can check your status by visiting this link.

Additionally, the Immigration Department has a new rule to bar those who have insulted or defamed Malaysia from travelling:

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