COVID-19 Patients Can Claim RM50 A Day For Their Hospital Stays Under This Govt Scheme

mySalam is a free public health protection scheme meant to help the lower income group.

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Recently, there have been social media posts stating that COVID-19 patients can claim RM50 from the government for each day that they are hospitalised

This is true. However, you have to be eligible for mySalam, the government's free public health protection scheme.

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For the uninitiated, mySalam is a takaful income assistance scheme meant to help Malaysians in the lower income group

No application is necessary for this financial aid. Instead, mySalam coverage is automatically given to eligible Cost of Living Aid (BSH) recipients based on their age, marital status, and income status.

You are covered by mySalam if you are a BSH recipient who is:
- A married individual aged between 18 and 65,
- A single individual aged between 40 and 65 with an income of less than RM24,000 per annum, or
- A disabled individual aged between 18 and 65 with an income of less than RM24,000 per annum.

The two main benefits of the mySalam coverage are:
- A one-time critical illness claim of RM8,000 if you are diagnosed with any of these 45 illnesses, and
- A hopitalisation benefit of RM50 per day for a maximum of 14 days (or a maximum of RM700) per annum at any government, military, or university hospitals.

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So, if you are a COVID-19 patient, the mySalam scheme can help cover some of your hospitalisation and treatment costs

Since the hospitalisation benefit is valid for any illness, this also covers a COVID-19 patient's hospital stay.

Moreover, patients who develop complications caused by COVID-19 that result in any of the 45 listed critical illnesses can also make a claim under the critical illness benefit.

These are the documents you need to submit online to mySalam to claim the benefit:
- If you are a patient hospitalised with COVID-19, get a discharge note or any document issued by the hospital or the Ministry of Health (MOH) confirming your diagnosis.
- If you are suspected of having COVID-19 but placed under quarantine in a hospital or quarantine centre, the isolation order issued by the MOH is required as proof.

Claims will be processed within 10 working days and payment will be credited directly into the recipient's account as registered with the BSH scheme.

You can check your eligibility as well as make your mySalam claims here.

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