Wah, You Can Earn More Than RM87,000 Washing Dishes For The Queen Of England!

Wait 'til you see the awesome job perks. :D

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Ever fancied yourself working AND living in a royal palace? Well, Buckingham Palace - y'know, one of THE most well-known royal HQs in the world - has some full-time job opportunities you don't wanna miss.

The Royal Household is on the lookout for Kitchen Porters and Linen Keepers a.k.a. kitchen helpers and housekeeping staff in non-fancy speak. Sure, they may not sound like glamourous jobs... but the pay sure is good!

A Linen Keeper is responsible for the Linen Room, primarily in "ensuring the cloth matches the magnificence of the banqueting table".

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Kitchen Porters, who are responsible for kitchen wash-ups as well as cleaning up kitchen equipment and eating utensils, get a salary of £16,755.56 per year (that's RM87,487 per year at approximately RM7,290 per month).

Linen Keepers, put in charge of Linen Room operations that include cleaning, preparing, and repairing historic and irreplaceable linens use for functions and events, stand to earn £17,778 per year (RM92,826.27 per year at approximately RM7,735.50 per month)!

Plus, both positions are live-in roles, meaning you can actually LIVE in Buckingham Palace itself!

You probably won't get a room as cushy as this... but you'll be close enough!

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In addition, staff of the Royal Household get to enjoy a comprehensive benefits package that includes free meals, 33 days worth of holidays, a 15% employer contribution pension scheme with the option to increase or decrease contributions, training and development opportunities, as well as access to a range of recreational facilities.

You'll only work five days per week, so that's a whole two days of living it up in Buckingham Palace. Interested? You can apply for both positions via the Royal Household's website HERE:

Apply for the Linen Keeper position by 17 July 2016.

Apply for the Kitchen Porter position by 20 July 2016.

On the other hand, if you wanna catch a glimpse of the Queen in her personal capacity, then you might wanna try your luck at getting a job at Windsor Castle instead

Windsor Castle is personally owned by Queen Elizabeth II, unlike Buckingham Palace, which is part of the Royal Collection and mostly used for state banquets and official entertaining. Considered the largest inhabited castle in the world and the longest-occupied palace in Europe, the Queen has increasingly used it as a royal palace as well as her weekend home.

Job vacancies that are currently waiting for you to fill in at Windsor Castle include Cataloguer, Daily Cleaner, and Curatorial Intern for Prints and Drawings, with salaries up to £20,000 per annum (RM104,434)!

You can check out the job listings here.

Also, can we talk about the fancy taglines that accompany each job listing?! Daily Cleaner's "It's admiring a spotless room before thousands do the same" is just so classy!

So, if you're thinking of applying...

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Some companies have perks that you'd reeeaaally like to plonk into your workplace wish list:

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