You Don't Come Across Hit-And-Run Stories Like This Every Day

Read the story of this Sabahan girl who chose to show kindness to an elderly lady despite her hitting her car.

Cover image via Michelle Yu Via Facebook

Getting into a car accident is not something pleasant. More so if someone knocks your car and drives away.

The MyVi Michelle was driving.

Image via Michelle Yu via Facebook

After knocking the car, the driver drove off.

Image via Michelle Yu via Facebook

Unfortunately, this happened to Michelle Yu as she shared her experience on Facebook. The Sabahan recalled chasing the driver after the car cut her line.

"This Aunty dented my car when we were turning because she cut my line. So I honked and chased her." - Michelle Yu

The driver who knocked her car turned out to be an elderly woman, who pleaded for forgiveness because she had no money to pay for the damages. She went on to explain that her children were not around to take care of her.

"She talked with her eyes tearing and asked me to forgive her. She said she does not have any money to pay me. Besides that, her kids are not around to take care of her. The elderly lady then told me her story with tears and said she doesn't feel like talking anymore, because the more she talks, the more tears she sheds and it pains her heart." - Michelle Yu

Michelle pitied the aunty after hearing her story and brought her to see the doctor to check for any injuries caused by the accident

"I pitied her and didn't have the heart to ask her for money. Instead, I told her that she doesn't have to pay me and brought her to see the doctor to see if there are any injuries". - Michelle Yu

She also promised the elderly lady that she'll bring her out when she was free. "She kept on apologising which breaks my heart when I knew she was approaching the age of 82 alone."

"I asked her to give me her phone number and I told her that I'll look for her to bring her out to eat when I'm free. Finally she smiled and felt really thankful. She kept on apologising which breaks my heart when I knew she's approaching 82-years old alone. If there's a lesson to be learnt today, don't forget and abandon your parents when they are old. Please spend some time with them. Aunty, I will take care of you more often and will bring you out when I'm free okay. Don't worry aunty, I won't ask u to pay me money, I'll pay it by myself." - Michelle Yu

Michelle then went one step further by inviting the elderly lady over for dinner together with her family. She also gave her some money so she could buy something nice to eat.

The aunty got to meet Michelle's family at dinner.

Image via Michelle Yu via Facebook

"Then I called my mummy and told her about the incident that I met. I explained to her the story of Aunty with my tears dropping too. My mum agreed to let me bring this Aunty home for dinner. After 30 minutes of waiting for Aunty at the doctor's, I paid for the medical fees and brought her home for dinner. I gave her some money hoping that she could buy something nice to eat." - Michelle Yu

She also gave the aunty some food supplements

"I also gave her one box of supplement drink too so she can have a healthy body. Aunty, I hope you stay healthy." - Michelle Yu

At the end of her Facebook status, she was reminded that one should treat their parents right

"Karma will come to you, how you treat your parents today, your kid will learn it too. So do you hope that your kids treat you like how you would treat your parents today when you are old? Yeah, it's worth thinking." - Michelle Yu

The post was Liked by over 7,000 people and shared by more than 1,300 at this time of posting. Many social media commenters praised her, saluting her for her kindness and generosity.

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