You Have Seen & Shared The 'Woman Yelling At Cat' Meme. Now Read The True Story Behind It

There's a sad backstory to this beautiful marriage of two Internet-famous icons.

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Before we begin, though, a little background about the meme

This meme that shows an angry lady yelling at a confused cat...'s actually a combination of two different memes that was first paired and posted by a Twitter user back in May 2019

The tweet quickly went viral, spreading across the Internet.

At the time of writing, it has been retweeted more than 77k times and has over 274k likes.

Since then, there have been multiple new versions of the meme, with a Japanese Facebook page even turning it into a video:

oh boi he meows

Posted by Kucing Menangis on Sunday, 13 October 2019

First, about the cat in the meme

His name is Smudge and he first appeared on the Internet in 2018, when his owner posted his photo on Tumblr on 19 June 2018, with the caption "he no like vegetals".

Within a year, the Tumblr post went on to gain over 50,300 likes and reblogs.

So who is the woman in the meme?

Her name is Taylor Armstrong. She is seen crying and pointing during an argument, while another woman, Kyle Richards, is seen hugging her in an attempt to calm her down.

The screenshot is originally from an episode from the second season of the reality TV show called The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The episode, titled Malibu Beach Party From Hell, was broadcast about eight years ago on 5 December 2011.

Daily Mail captured the moment that shows Taylor Armstrong screaming in an episode recap and published it the next day on 6 December, which subsequently went viral.

Image via Daily Mail

It is linked to a very painful time in Taylor's life

As first noted by a Facebook user back and verified by a fact-checker website called Fact or Fiction, Taylor was defending herself against other women in the show after they were gossiping about the physical abuse that Taylor endured from her husband.

"Her friends were claiming she lied. This transition happened soon after he committed suicide and while she was having a nervous breakdown," the Facebook user wrote.

"Until recently her hospital records were kept private, including the reconstructive surgery she had to have on her eye from an injury she sustained by him."

However, other women in the show, who Talor thought were her friends and had confided in them about her domestic abuse ordeal, attacked her because the husband claimed that he didn't abuse Taylor.

She was angry at one of the women in the show who revealed on-camera that Taylor's husband was abusive and would beat her

As per the show's format, the women cast members were not allowed to allude to the fact that they were being filmed throughout the course of the series. However, the on-camera revelation by that woman, identified as Camille Grammer, about Taylor's abusive husband put Taylor in danger at that time.

She feared that her husband would see the footage and beat her up or kill her.

Taylor claimed that she feared that the decisions of others to disclose the abuse put both herself and her five-year-old daughter, Kennedy, in danger.

Back in 2011, Taylor explained to People that she was upset that her abusive relationship, which she had divulged to her costars off-camera, had become a plotline on the show.

"Admitting that I was being abused on national television was a step that I never thought any of my friends would take," People quoted Taylor as saying.

I was so stunned and I felt so betrayed that I couldn't get past it. And I was scared.

How does Taylor now feel about the Internet laughing at the meme?

It's ok to laugh...

Taylor said this a few days back while responding to a Twitter user, who asked her if "that photo is hard to see circulate so much? I remember how upset you were during that scene."

Meanwhile, this beautiful marriage of two Internet-famous icons has now been immortalised by numerous people on the Internet turning their meme into ancient arts, paintings, manga, and much more

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