You Could Be Sent To Prison If The Police Catch You Gambling This CNY

"Ops Limau" is now in full effect.

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If you're thinking of playing a round of Blackjack with some friends during Chinese New Year, you might want to hold that thought because gambling during the festive season might land you in jail

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Bukit Aman’s Special Task Force for Anti-Vice, Gambling and Gangsterism (STAGG) has announced that gambling is strictly prohibited during the upcoming Chinese New Year season.

Anyone caught participating in gambling activities - yes, even at home - will be charged under the Betting Act of 1953 which carries the penalty of fine not less than RM5,000 or jail time not more than six months upon conviction

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According to China Press, the operation dubbed "Ops Limau" was launched on 15 January and will go on till 11 February.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Datuk Rohaimi Mohd Isa Rohaimi also told the daily he understands that the Chinese are known to play cards and mahjong during the festive season in their own homes, but the law is the law, and anyone caught gambling - regardless of the amount - will be arrested.

The police force has advised those celebrating to spend time catching up with friends and family instead of being engrossed in gambling activities

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Last year, the law caught up with 858 people who were detained for illegal gambling during the Chinese New Year.

According to statistics provided by the police, more and more foreigners are getting involved in illegal gambling as well.

There you have it, guys! No more gambling during CNY. You wouldn't wanna spend time prison just for a card game, right?

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Speaking of which, did you know the famous 'Gong Xi Gong Xi' song wasn't even intended for Chinese New Year in the first place?

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