You're Only Allowed To Check-In Two Bags On Your Next MAS Flight

Malaysia Airlines has imposed a two-baggage limit on all flights as well as increase the penalty for those who bring in excess weight.

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In a new ruling by Malaysia Airlines, passengers are now only allowed to check-in a maximum of two luggages

Passengers are now only allowed to check in a maximum of 2 luggages now

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Malaysia Airlines has announced its new baggage limit for passengers on all its flights.

Passengers on all Malaysia Airlines flights will now be limited to two pieces of baggage for check-ins and subjected to lower maximum luggage weights.

Passengers were previously allowed to check in as many luggage bags as long as it fits within the weight limit

Passengers used to be able to check in as many luggages, as long as they fit within the weight limit.

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Previously, passengers could check in as many pieces of baggage they wanted as long as the total weight limitations were adhered to.

Passengers in the Economy class are now limited at 30kg, with those in Business and First class allowed 40kg and 50kg respectively

The weight limit depends on which class the passenger chooses

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Passengers boarding on Economy class are set to a maximum total of 30kg worth of baggage, while a maximum of 40kg is set for Business class and 50kg in total for First Class

From Wednesday, passengers will be allowed to check-in a maximum of two pieces of baggage, within the generous 30, 40, and 50kg free baggage allowance included in their travel on economy, business and first class, respectively.

The two-piece baggage limit was previously limited to only international flights to North and South america

In the past, the two-piece luggage was only limited to North and South America

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Also, the two-piece baggage restriction had in the past only applied to MAS flights departing for or arriving from North and South America.

Malaysia Airlines also highlighted the increase of fines for excess baggage, with passengers having to pay between RM15-25 more than before for flights within Malaysia

Malaysia Airlines has imposed higher penalty fines for those who travel with baggages over the given limit.

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Those who exceed weight limitations on flights within the peninsula, Sabah or Sarawak will have to pay RM45 for every 5kg exceeded. It used to be RM30 for every 5kg.

The rate for each block of 5kg excess weight for flights within Peninsula Malaysia or within Sabah and Sarawak is fixed at RM45 instead of the current RM40, while flights crossing between the peninsula and Sabah or Sarawak would be charged RM55 instead of RM50.

Passengers exceeding the luggage weight limit on international flights will have to pay twice as much as before

The fines for excess baggage on international flights now varies from RM70 per 5kg for Asean destinations to RM170 per 5kg for European destinations. In the past, the excess baggage fine for Asean stops was RM30 per 5kg and it was RM90 per 5kg for European destinations.

The limit weight for hand carried items as well as infant luggage remain the same at 7kg and 10kg respectively

Hand carry luggage remains unchanged at 7kg.

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The limitation for hand-carry luggage (7kg) remains unchanged, as does that for checked-in infant luggage (10kg).

"The current infant baggage allowance of 1-piece at 10kg remains the same. This is applicable on first, business, and economy class cabins. For passengers performing the umrah and haj, a special allowance of 10kg is allowed from Jeddah to Kuala Lumpur and connecting destinations."

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