"You Should Stay" - Rafizi Pens Open Letter To Khairy Following A Mass Exodus In UMNO

"I chose to write an open letter because we have the responsibility to be open with each other."

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Earlier today, 14 December, a letter signed by six UMNO Members of Parliament (MPs) surfaced online, stating their desire to leave the party

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The resignations of these MPs follow the mass exodus in Sabah UMNO, which is now led by Datuk Bung Moktar.

In response to the departures, Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin had been calling out a few now-independent politicians for their 'hypocrisy'

"During the UMNO presidential election, Sabah supported (Datuk Seri Dr.) Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. During the (party) general assembly, (Tan Sri) Pandikar Amin called me a traitor because I criticised Zahid," Khairy wrote in a tweet today. 

"The other day, Pandikar decided to quit UMNO," he added.

In light of the resignations, former Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli penned an open letter to Khairy today, advising him to remain in UMNO

In the letter, Rafizi sympathised with Khairy regarding the UMNO mass exodus.

"No leader who loves his party would not be affected when elected representatives exit the party," the former PKR vice-president wrote. 

"However, you should stay in UMNO because I believe that the people and our country deserves an honest and sincere Opposition," Rafizi added.

Rafizi also "prayed" that UMNO realises its problems that led to their rejection by Malaysians

"I might not agree with the actions or opinions of the Opposition, but I value its importance to maintain the welfare of the people," Rafizi wrote in the letter. 

The former Pandan MP also comforted Khairy regarding the exodus. 

"The days, weeks, and months to come might be gloomy for you and those who really want to help the people using UMNO's platform," Rafizi wrote, before adding that the remaining UMNO leaders have to make a few changes to stay relevant.

"The leaders who stay have to fear God, reject bribes, appeal to people with racial harmony, be progressive, and be truthful," he added.

Rafizi, Nurul Izzah, and Khairy at their recent lunch.

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The ex-PKR vice-president also acknowledged that his opinion might attract criticisms

"However, it is our duty (to speak up) so that people will keep doing so, regardless of how hard it gets," Rafizi wrote. 

"You're the hope of youths who want to see a better and more peaceful political climate in Malaysia," he added, before appealing to Khairy again to stay in UMNO. 

Meanwhile, Khairy seems unlikely to leave UMNO as he voiced his support for fresh polls in the party today

Khairy also cheekily responded to Rafizi's "diva" open letter to him.

"Next time just whisper to me during lunch. This open letter is so 'diva'," he wrote. 

You can read Rafizi's letter to Khairy in full here.

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