This Young Student's Idea Of What Girls And Boys Should Do At Home Is Worrying Netizens

"From a young age, girls are taught to be slaves while boys expect to be kings."

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A netizen's Facebook post on a young student's concerning answers to questions given at school has gone viral

The schoolwork required the student, whose age is uncertain, to list down the roles of a son and daughter in a family.

The photo, which was uploaded on 17 June by Zam Zanizah Yatim - the girl's teacher - has garnered over 9,400 shares at the time of writing.

Under 'Boy' roles, the student answered, "Play, sleep, eat, drink, and ask for Milo drink."

"Wash the plates, tidy house, clean kitchen, do laundry, clean floors," was written under the 'Girl' column.

Full marks were given for the answers in the girls' column.

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However, the teacher told SAYS that she did not give her any marks for her answers regarding the boys. She advised the young student to change her answers.

"This does not look right to me. A young girl wrote this," the netizen captioned the post.

"From a young age, girls are taught to be slaves while boys expect to be kings," Zam wrote

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"The consequences of this are lazy men and husbands. Not at all smart enough to help their wives do house chores and take care of kids," she added.

She expressed gratitude towards her husband for being an exception.

"Parents, let's change!" she wrote in ending the post.

Netizens agreed that women should not be reduced to servants for men, and that gender roles should not be instilled in impressionable children

"It should be balanced for both," another Facebook user wrote.

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A netizen pointed out that, "Young kids learn from what they see around them every day."

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