Zoo Negara Now Claims That Lion Is 'Skinny' Because He's Too Busy Mating Instead Of Eating

The zoo's management assured that this is a common problem among the lion species.

Cover image via Himpunan Cerita Lawak & Rojak Daily/Zoo Negara

Manja Kani, the Zoo Negara lion that recently caught netizens' attention, is now said to be losing weight because he is too busy mating

Zoo Negara's deputy president Rosly @ Rahmat Ahmat Lana told Astro Awani that the mating season has directly affected the animal's diet.

He said, "Manja Kani and Manja Ela are in the process of mating lately and it has caused Manja Kani to skip meals."

Rosly also assured that this is a common problem among the lion species

"It was more noticeable in Manja Kani's case," he said.

"This is because the female refused to mate, while the male attempts to coerce her into mating."

During a press conference on Saturday, 13 June, Rosly assured that the lion is healthy and has produced several offspring with his companion Manja Ela in the past.

The zoo's management previously said that the lion appears skinny because they switched its diet from beef to chicken

Rosly told Bernama that the switch was made due to a lack of meat supply but Manja Kani proved to be "a bit fussier since the Movement Control Order (MCO)".

"During the MCO, we had a difficult time trying to obtain meat supply. It's not that we could not afford it, it's just that there were no suppliers who were able to bring in meat for us," he said.

However, he emphasised that the lion is in good health despite looking slightly thin.

The photo of the lion caused many to question where the previous donations to Zoo Negara went:

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