2 Malaysian Sportswomen Make It Onto Forbes '30 Under 30 Asia' List

One of them is Nor Diana. She's the first hijab-wearing female pro wrestler in the world.

Cover image via Muhammad Fadli/Forbes Asia & Edited by SAYS

Forbes' annual 30 Under 30 Asia list for 2020 is here

Among the 30 Under 30 Asia list, 20 individuals are aged 21 or younger with Japan's 14-year-old Juju Noda being the youngest. Noda is a racing prodigy and dreams of becoming the first female F1 champion.

Rana Wehbe, who edited the list, said, "The list is living proof of Gen Z's determination to break barriers and stereotypes about age — and in some cases gender — as well as inspire others."

Juju Noda.

Image via All American Girl Racing

This year's list features a variety of young people with the world's first hijab-wearing female pro wrestler being a "featured honoree"

According to Forbes, Nor Diana is a Malaysian and the world's first hijab-wearing female pro wrestler who took on the ring name 'Phoenix' given by her coach because of her unwillingness to give up.

A former clinical assistant, Dianna dresses in a black costume with flame-patterned trousers and dons a full phoenix-inspired red-and-gold hood in the ring where she smashes stereotypes.

Last year, the Puchong resident defeated five men to become the first female winner of the six-year-old Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW) Wrestlecon championship.

Diana says that at 152cm she may be small, but as Phoenix, she's a totally different person.

"She can do things that people cannot imagine. When she is in the ring, she is fast and always wants to win," the professional wrestler was quoted as saying by SCMP last year.

Nor Diana wrestling with a male opponent during a match in KL.

Image via AFP photo via SCMP

The other sportswoman featured in the list is Anja Chong

The short track speed skater is dubbed Malaysia's 'Ice Queen' and has won four gold medals in speed skating at the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in 2017 and 2019.

Anja Chong (front/right) and Ashley Shin (back) in action.

Image via Aziah Azmee/New Straits Times

In total, the Forbes Asia list features 12 Malaysians

The other names are as follows:

  1. Zac Liew, co-founder of Curlec
  2. Wei Xiang (Jason) Ooi, founder of Agrain
  3. Lennise Ng and Aizat Rahim, co-founders of Dropee
  4. Wan Hasifi Amin Wan Zaidon, co-founder of Baituljannah
  5. Adrian Hia, investment director at Kairous Capital
  6. Arif Tukiman, co-founder of RunCloud
  7. Ashiwin Vadiveloo, a postdoctoral researcher at Algae R&D Centre, Murdoch University
  8. Joshua Smith, CTO at MyPay
  9. Jevin Singh and Mohamed Afzal, co-founders of RAGE Coffee
  10. Yi Hern Chang, founder of JomRun

Meanwhile, the 2020 Olympics has been postponed to next year:

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