6 Things To Dig About This Show As A Malaysian Football Kaki

Forget the rest, we give you the lowdown on why The Football League Show is the only show a true football kaki needs to watch.

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You know when you wake up the next morning and your friends are all talking about that crazy goal YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT?

Here's how a single show can help you with that...

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6. All the game highlights to overdose on: The Football League Show shows the best highlights from the biggest games over the weekend. Never be out of the loop again when your friends are talking about that goal.

5. All the vital stats: Sure, other shows may have highlights as well but the difference is that these highlights are more extensive, meaning football fans can see how a team is performing overall

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4. All the in-depth analyses: Football experts ranging from managers to football legends will be on the show, analysing all the nitty gritty details on the tactics and how it influenced the game, which leads to...

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3. All the player reviews: If you're a diehard fantasy football fan you'll love getting all the scoop on top performers - pick your best team online and brag when your scores climb up for the week!

2. A great host: The show is hosted by Manish Bhasin, who has hosted multiple sport shows. He even became the youngest regular host on Football Focus, a show many football kakis will have heard of and is extremely popular in the UK.

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1. All the content, in your pocket: And the best part about this? You can watch this show on-the-go on your mobile or on your laptop. Find out how here.

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